Below are some of the comments we have received from current teachers and students using TechFuture Girls, and case studies from our clubs and club sponsors. Click on the + and - signs to expand and collapse each section.

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Comments from teachers

Image teacher and students laughing"I have been running a club for over 5 years now and it is always popular and enjoyed by our students. When the girls have such good resources to use, which haven't taken me any time to prepare, that is the added bonus."
Shirley Farr, The Hayfield School, Doncaster

"TechFuture Girls has improved girls knowledge and capabilities, I tend to choose lower ability girls to boost their confidence and it seems to have had a dramatic effect on many of the girls as they say they feel part of something exciting."
Paula Topham, Hilderthorpe Primary School, Bridlington

"All pupils feel they have improved their ICT skills and would love to attend a club every day of the week"
Bernadette James, St. Bernadette's Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy, Scunthorpe

"The club itself helps to promote ICT among girls and I feel this is very important. Girls often look at ICT as a boys subject but with the club, girls have become more motivated and enthusiastic about using various programs."
Pervinder Sangha, Heath Park Business and Enterprise College, Wolverhampton

"The girls really look forward to coming and as it is a club run for year 6 girls they spread the enthusiasm to girls lower down the school and they can't wait until it is their turn to join."
Karen Kudarenko, The Wilfred Owen School, Shrewsbury

Comments from students

students at computers"I enjoy doing all the activities on the website. They are creative and there is something for everyone"

"You can learn different skills on the computer, while having lots of fun such as playing amazing games!"

"My favourite thing about TechFuture Girls is that I can help teachers when they don't know how to do something"

"[The best thing about TechFuture Girls is] Learning new things and making new friends"

"I love everything about TechFuture Girls, it is brilliant! :)"

Case studies

teacher and students