TechFuture Ambassadors

Shining the spotlight on tech careers

The Tech Partnership is teaming up with STEMNET to engage tech and digital professionals across the sector to sign up as TechFuture Ambassadors.


Being a TechFuture Ambassador is an opportunity to take an active role in inspiring young people across England about exciting opportunities in the tech and digital sector. Share your knowledge, expertise and most importantly, your enthusiasm about the sector and help foster the tech stars of tomorrow.

You’ll be part of a national network of over 28,000 inspirational role models with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) backgrounds bringing a particular focus to technology. Ambassadors express many benefits from volunteering – renewed enthusiasm for their jobs, improved presentation skills, and gaining new ideas and a fresh perspective from young people.

Volunteering as a TechFuture Ambassador is a great way to give back to your local community and guide our home-grown talent pipeline.

What does being a TechFuture Ambassador involve?

With the support of the Tech Partnership and STEMNET, you will be able to interact with students and teachers in a number of ways:

  • Lead a fun-filled activity in an after school club such as TechFuture Girls Clubs
  • Guide students through cyber security teaching modules on Big Ambition
  • Present specially designed activities from TCS and the Tech Partnership on coding, programming, big data, algorithms, etc.
  • And much more.

You will receive updates from STEMNET about new opportunities and resources to get the most out of your TechFuture Ambassador experience. A STEMNET local contact  will also be on hand to provide you with guidance and answer any questions.

How do I register as a TechFuture Ambassador?

STEMNET looks after all aspects of the TechFuture Ambassador registration process. You will receive an induction to get you started and be connected to your local STEMNET contact, who will help find suitable schools in your area.

If you are passionate about shining a spotlight on exciting opportunities in the tech and digital sector, motivate your colleagues to do the same.

Register to become a TechFuture Ambassador today.