Cyber Island


Risks, leaks and hacks: find out about cyber security skills 

Schoolgirls across the UK are fending off ‘cyber baddies’ as part of an interactive cyber security resource.

Protect the Island teaches girls aged 9-14 the importance of cyber security in business and everyday life through a set of online challenges and videos.

The island introduces students to basic security concepts and invites them to consider how they can keep themselves and others safe online. It then takes them to a virtual office where they are asked to detect cyber threats, and fend off raiders intent on destroying the island. It is one of ten learning modules available in the TechFuture Girls programme, each teaching skills ranging from coding to video editing.

Richard Taylor, Assistant Head Teacher at St Mary’s Primary School in Twickenham, said the club had brought a new confidence to the pupils taking part. “I can see a difference in lots of the girls. Emma is such a good role model for children. Someone who’s working in the IT industry can really inspire girls to go into a career that perhaps they might not have considered.”

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